Conscious volunteering

Become a volunteer in Nandafalva community

Becoming a conscious volunteer means you understood your own responsibility in your own fate and you became interested in expanding your awareness.  If you share this idea your are most welcome in Nandafalva.

Who do we expect as conscious volunteer?

Either you are male or female,  regardless  your age you are most welcome. Besides your eagerness to join our volunteer project, the only condition is to respect our customs, like  no drugs, alcohol, illicit sex (extramarital relationships).

What activities can you join?

  • organic vegetable gardening
  • you can learn how to use traditional tools like the blowing machine for cleaning the wheat, 100 year old milling mashine, scythe etc.
  • baker’s trade
  • you can explore your art skills (paint Indian figures and motives on the wall)
  • building traditional summer oven
  • making and installing solar panels
  • making ecological mud bricks
  • organizing our animal right and eco campaigns if you are graphic designer or a marketing expert
  • beautify the temples, flower gardens and rock gardens
  • As we always construct something you can do construction work, mandala-art painting etc.
  • By living in contact with the nature one can experience inner peace
  • learn the ancient wisdom of healthcare and healing science of ayurveda
  • learn to focus your mind with the science of yoga
  • know yourself  through meditation
  • observe the birds and wild animals
  • observe the sunset and sunrise
  • mantra meditation
  • learn more about vegetarian diet and cooking
  • pure life without  intoxications like alcohol, drugs and cigarettes
  • expand your awareness
  • wonderful Indian art, painting, Indian classical dances and music
  • tracking
  • agni hotra yajna (Vedic fire sacrifices)
Some above mentioned activities are continual while others occasional. Kindly inquire if you are interested in specific field. Otherwise you can join our ongoing project.
Accomodations  in one of our farms with three simple rooms and two bathrooms with hot water. Simple rooms, kindly see the photos.  Most recommended to book your bed  at least 20 days in advance.  Please bring your sleeping bag.
We suggest you contribute 10 USD donation daily to help the project.
We provide bed, three lactovegetarian meals, hot water and different cultural or lifestyle programs.
You are most welcome to visit our projects in Budapest
Kindly note that we are prepared for volenteer programs only during summer.

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